Will World cheat sheet

Round 1 Tasks
  1. Read over the Simulation cheat sheet provided
  2. Read the advice from last semester
  3. Decide if your group should have assigned roles
  4. Create a gmail account for your company – don’t forget the password!
  5. Email security phrase to Ms Cuttle from your new email address
  6. Deposit Cuttlebucks in the Cuttlebank
  7. Read Will World Words
  8. Make decisions
  9. Purchase items
  10. Submit decisions
Round 1 Decisions

The following decisions must be made, and any associated transactions completed, during the game.

  • Manufacturing Equipment – purchased from Mega Corp – see Will World Words
  • Raw Materials  — from Raw Materials providers – see Will World Words
  • Hiring Decisions —  — from Cuttlebank (talk to Ms. Cuttle)
  • Investment and/or Borrowing Decisions — — from Cuttlebank (talk to Ms. Cuttle)

The following decisions must be submitted online by the end of class

Production Decisions