Round 8 Notes:

All prices set this cycle must be reasonable.  If you increase prices beyond a market price in order to increase the value of your company I will exclude your prices from the average price calculations.

This is the final round.  Keep this in mind when making decisions.

Blue Sun is exiting the Lyon market.

Current Company Values

Are you Feeling Lucky?

During the period you will spin the wheel.  The outcomes will be revealed after all decisions are made for the period. You may choose to spin it more than once.

Possible outcomes:

  • Trumped – Donald Trump is spotted with one of your products and people are not pleased.  Reputation falls.
  • Overstocked – Retailers are fed up with holding your excess inventory and charge you 50 cents per unit on unsold inventory.
  • Inspected – Government inspectors stop by to check on your pollution controls.  One of your research assistants is occupied showing them around and can’t perform regular duties.
  • Boosted – The Willian Times names you one of the best places to work.  Reputation increases.
  • Published – One of your engineers publishes a prestigious report on your efforts to control pollution.  Reputation increases.
  • Overworked – One of your machines needs expensive new parts that increases the manufacturing costs by $50 per increment.
  • Featured – Retailers, for a fee of $1000, are willing to prominently display your goods increasing your sales.
  • Discovered – Your executive has been invited to present at a prestigious business practices conference.  Your company will be compensated with $3000 for your efforts.

Reputation Points and Task

Reputation Points due by 10pm tonight

1.  Where is the Will World economy on the business cycle right now? Give three reasons to justify your choice.

2.  Will aggregate demand shift left or right this cycle.  Use the C, I and G components of AD to explain your choice.

Will Words Advertising

Ads will be accepted starting at 2:35pm. Ad space is first come, first serve. Only ads that meet the specified size requirements, emailed to the Will Words email account will be accepted. Please note, ads often get caught in spam filters. Don’t put the word ad in your subject line and include text in the body of the email.

Production Decisions