Round 7 Notes:

  • Blue Sun has an unused pollution credit that will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.
  • Labour markets are tightening.  As such, you must spin the hiring wheel if you require additional research assistants and all groups must spin the Luck of Labour wheel for an undisclosed event.
  • DunderMifflin Auction – DunderMifflin has gone bankrupt and Cuttlebank is auctioning off the remaining assets of the company.  See Will Worlds for more detail.

Pollution Credits – Goosies

All the information is outlined in the PDF file.  Please read carefully.  There are substantial costs if you don’t follow the new laws.

Protecting the Air Fall 2015

Reputation Points and Task

  1. The Economics of Will World

Task due by 11:30pm Tonight

Will Words Advertising

Ads will be accepted starting at 2:15 pm. Ad space is first come, first serve. Only ads that meet the specified size requirements, emailed to the Will Words email account will be accepted. Please note, ads often get caught in spam filters. Don’t put the word ad in your subject line and include text in the body of the email.


Luck of Labour

During the period you will spin the wheel.  The outcomes will be revealed after all decisions are made for the period.

Possible outcomes:

  • Oops-a-daisy -an employee breaks a machine and you have to pay $1000 to fix it
  • Naps for all – an overworked trained research assistant falls asleep half way through his or her job and you emit 50 tons of pollution
  • Heros for hire – your employees band together to build a habitat for geese and your customers love you even more (increased reputation)
  • Dundering dolts – you have accidentally hired some of DunderMifflin’s former employees – their disgruntlement and general incompetence slows down your production by 10% (you produce 10% fewer goods than expected)
  • Map-Fail – one of the trucks delivering your raw materials gets turned around and won’t arrive until next cycle (10% of your raw materials don’t arrive)
  • Superstars – your employees, satisfied with their wage increases agree to work harder and take extra unpaid leave (labour costs and requirements decrease by 10% for 1 cycle).

You can hire currently employed research assistants from other firms without spinning the wheel.


Production Decisions