Round 6 Notes:

  • Be sure to fully read the information below about the new pollution credit system.  You will require credits/scrubbers or trained research assistants to account for all of the emissions your firm produces.
  • Any emissions that are not covered, will be considered a violation of the law and you will face fines and reputation impacts.

Pollution Credits – Goosies

All the information is outlined in the PDF file.  Please read carefully.  There are substantial costs if you don’t follow the new laws.

Protecting the Air Fall 2015

Reputation Points and Task

  1. To earn reputation points, write an article for the Will World Words explaining your firm’s reaction to the new pollution credit system.  Send the email to the Will Words email account.

Task due by 8:45 am Monday.

Will Words Advertising

Ads will be accepted starting at 1:35 pm. Ad space is first come, first serve. Only ads that meet the specified size requirements, emailed to the Will Words email account will be accepted. Please note, ads often get caught in spam filters. Don’t put the word ad in your subject line and include text in the body of the email.

Production Decisions