Round 4 Notes:

  • You need to complete your quarterly report this cycle.
  • The minimum wage has increased
  • The Nakatomi export contract (which can also be an agreement between multiple groups) will be decided by skill testing questions if more than one combined group want the contract.  It is highly recommended that you share this contract among two or more groups.
  • When determining the price for your goods, keep the following things in mind:
    • If you sold out completely it means either you could produce more or raise prices; however, if everyone does the same thing you could overprice/overproduce.
    • Painted Macs and Lyons sell for a higher price. If consumers can’t find a painted Lyon or Mac, they will buy a standard one.  Look at the details in the upgrades options for more ideas on pricing strategies
    • If you have excess inventory and decide not to produce that good this cycle, you still enter a price for the item in the form, just leave the quantity field blank.

Quarterly Reports

Accounting regulations in Will World require all companies to produce quarterly reports.   The template for the report is available here.   Copy the file to your google account and fill out all the information.   Make sure you make the document public so everyone can see it.  Post a link to your file in the comments to this post.  You have until Tuesday at 12:30am to complete your financial statements or your reputation will suffer.


If you developed blueprints last cycle you should have an email with further details sent to your company email account (if you don’t have a company account, the person who emailed the last cycle reputation tasks was sent the details).

You need to look through the pdf file to see all the upgrade options.  You can and will likely need to coordinate with other groups.  Any partnerships or joint agreements need to be documented in writing and signed by at least one member of each group.

upgrades and changes f15

Reputation Points and Tasks

To earn reputation points this round, complete the following tasks:

  1. Calculate your per increment profit for each type of good you produce.  Remember to include all costs.  You should also add a portion of any marketing costs to each increment (hint: take your total marketing costs and divide by the total number of increments you produce).  Complete your calculations in a google spreadsheet and share the file with me.
  2. Your cost of factors of production are increasing.  How does this affect your production, pricing and purchasing decisions?

Tasks Due at 8:45am on Tuesday

Will Words Advertising

Ads will be accepted starting at 1:30 pm. Ad space is first come, first serve. Only ads that meet the specified size requirements, emailed to the Will Words email account will be accepted. Please note, ads often get caught in spam filters. Don’t put the word ad in your subject line and include text in the body of the email.

Production Decisions