Round 3 Notes:

  • You are required to set your own price for Macs and Lyons this cycle.   Based on your price, you may sell out completely or you may have goods remaining at the end of the cycle.  Make your decisions wisely.
  • You may now use your innovation/research points (they are the same thing – I just used different names in different documents) to upgrade your machines.  See the pdf below for full details.
  • There are different ways to earn reputation points.  The more points you have, the more popular your product is (high sales at higher prices) so earning points is critical to your success.  See below for more details.
  • Next cycle you will be expected to produce a quarterly report so make sure you are tracking your revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities.


You need to look through the pdf file to see all the upgrade options.  You can and will likely need to coordinate with other groups.  Any partnerships or joint agreements need to be documented in writing and signed by at least one member of each group.

upgrades and changes f15

Reputation Points and Tasks

Reputation is earned by completing required questions correctly, by advertising and by extra activities your company may choose to do.

To earn reputation points this round, complete the following tasks by 11 pm this evening.

Cooper Sterling Advertising

Different advertising packages are available to purchase on from Cooper Sterling.  The more expensive the package, the more reputation points you will earn for that cycle.

Will Words Advertising

Ads are due by 2:40pm during class. Ad space is first come, first serve. Only ads that meet the specified size requirements, emailed to the Will Words email account will be accepted. Please note, ads often get caught in spam filters. Don’t put the word ad in your subject line and include text in the body of the email.  The time is based solely on when the Will Worlds gmail account receives the email.

The best strategy is to send both ads.

Production Decisions