Supply and Demand Blog Post

Find an article online illustrating a change in equilibrium price or quantity in some market.  It doesn’t matter what product is involved, but you should avoid  the stock market or commodity market unless you have a very good understanding of finance.  A good place to start is Google news.  Be sure your article demonstrates a current change in equilibrium not a future change or expected change.

Link to the article from your post.

Explain why the price and/or quantity changed.  Refer to any supply or demand determinants that changed and/or quantity supplied or demanded.  Clearly explain what caused the change and then categorize the determinant(s).

Graph the market. Create and upload your supply and demand graph.  Make sure it is properly labeled. You can use any program you’d like.  One option is google docs which has a paint program.

Include the Supply and Demand Assignment category for the post and use appropriate tags (i.e. your first name and what is the market in your article).

Your post goes on the Caution blog.  To access the blog, reply to the invitation I sent you today.   When you make a wordpress account, you do not need your own blog, just an account.

Due by the start of class on Thursday, March 9.