Round 2 Notes:

  • You will receive a printout of your current balance of your account as well as your employees, innovation points, machines owned and raw materials remaining.  The only things that you will not see is your current outstanding Cuttlebank loans or how much you produced each cycle.
  • Interest on your Cuttlebank loans is due at the start of each cycle.  I have taken the interest owed on your loans from your accounts.
  • Read over Will Worlds carefully
  • You have your first reputation task today.  The task is due by 11pm tonight.  One response per group, entered in the form below.
  • Innovation points will be used to begin research on new options in the next round.  It will take one cycle to complete the research (i.e. what you start to research in cycle 3 will be available to use in cycle 4).

Reputation Task

Production Decisions