Simulation Spring 2017 – Round 8

Round 8 Notes: All prices set this cycle must be reasonable.  If you increase prices beyond a market price in order to increase the value of your company I will exclude your prices from the average price calculations. This is the final round.  Keep this in mind when...

Simulation – Final Assignment

There are two parts: The value of your company – 5% Your individual or pair response – 5%  *** Optional *** Individual or Pair Response In a google document shared with me by Friday, June 16 at 3:05pm, complete the following items. Describe the best...

Simulation Spring 2017 – Round 7

Round 7 Notes: Blue Sun has an unused pollution credit that will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Labour markets are tightening.  As such, you must spin the hiring wheel if you require additional research assistants and all groups must spin the Luck of Labour...

Final Project: Economics Debates

Economics Debate Expectations: Completion of a debate organizer for both sides of the debate from each team Works cited list with required diversity of sources Participation in the debate Debate organizers and works cited list are due at the end of class on Friday,...

Simulation Spring 2017 – Round 6

Round 6 Notes: Be sure to fully read the information below about the new pollution credit system.  You will require credits/scrubbers or trained research assistants to account for all of the emissions your firm produces. Any emissions that are not covered, will be...

Simulation Spring 2017 – Round 5

Round 5 Notes: Be sure to fully read the information below about the new pollution credit system.  It will come into effect next cycle. Reputation is the key to success in this game.  Don’t neglect the tasks and remember to advertise. If you developed a...

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